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Your Universal Guide to Complete Happiness and Fullfilment in all your Relationships

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Relationships are at the heart and soul of our lives. For most people, relationships are the keys to happiness and a sense of fulfillment.

Relationships offer us our greatest opportunities to learn, grow and evolve throughout our lifetime. We have relationships of different kinds with everyone and everything in our life. Every relationship teaches us something about ourselves, and if we do not learn the lesson in one relationship, we will keep repeating the same patterns in other relationships until we get it, together. Changing relationships does not necessarily change the experience or the outcome – unless you break the cycle by addressing the root cause of the issues and patterns.

Throughout the journey of life, relationships can take you on a rollercoaster ride from the highest of highs, to the lowest of lows, but you can learn to create and experience true bliss in your relationships so they can enrich every facet of your life.

For over 20 years, Grace Dale has effectively coached and guided people in all kinds of relationships around the world with her profound advice and insights. Grace works exclusively by phone, so she is able to meet the needs of clients anywhere, assisting them in the privacy of their own personal space. Her very first clients said that her powerful insights saved their marriage, and she has helped hundreds of couples, families, and business partnerships ever since.

Grace's practical, intuitive and heartful approach can heal and enhance the Heart & Soul of All Relationships, with coaching programs for all types of relationships:


in need of support

If couples do not grow together, they risk growing apart. A relationship is really a trinity that involves three separate entities: the two individuals, and the relationship itself. Like a tripod, if any of the three is not equally balanced, then the tripod cannot stand firm or strong enough to uphold the love that is built upon it. Grace offers insight and guidance that can strengthen any relationship at any stage, promoting co-operation, enhancing compatibility, building trust, and providing tools for love and happiness within oneself and with each other.

Family dynamics

Families are a melting pot of different energies and personalities that can erupt like a volcano if there is a lack of harmonious understanding. People grow through different stages of life and change as a result of their life experiences. Sometimes, this can create friction and a chain of reactions that cause pain, which often leads people to act out, or to rely on various coping mechanisms. By exploring the sacred contracts and karmic bonds that exist between all parties, Grace can offer tools to restore peace and harmony so family can be a safe harbor of sanctuary for all concerned.

Couples on the verge of separation or divorce

Separation and divorce are extremely painful and costly on all levels, particularly if children are involved. Love is energy – as with all energy, where love has been created it cannot be destroyed, it can only be transformed. As people grow and change, their relationships can change, but this does not mean that they have to grow apart. There are always an infinite number of choices available at any time – Grace can guide you to make the best choices for the highest and best good of all concerned.

Newly Engaged

Form powerful bonds of commitment that will withstand life's challenges, and manage all of the emotions that can be overwhelming before and after the wedding day. Couples today often become so involved with focusing on their wedding that they neglect to focus on each other and on their relationship. There can be many distractions when planning a wedding and trying to please everyone, which can cause tremendous stress to a couple at a time that should be a celebration of their love and union. Grace can provide guidance to assist everyone to be on the same page, working together, planning together, coming together and staying together.


Strengthen the bonds of love, encourage mutual support, promote healthy communication and avoid the pitfalls that lead many marriages to fail. The well-known term "the honeymoon is over" refers to the fact that the first few months of marriage can be very challenging, as a couple learns to integrate into true partnership. Grace assists couples to quickly establish a strong foundation of harmony in their marriage to last a lifetime. A marriage is really a commitment to hold each other's hand and help each other through the ups and downs along the journey. Grace can coach you to become a winning team, celebrating each other's victories so you can both win at life.


A successful partnership requires making the most of each partner's strengths, and understanding each other's weaknesses. All partnerships require co-operation rather than competition in order for everyone to truly win. There must be willingness to see things from the other person's perspective, to honor the other person's truth, and to agree to disagree when necessary. Mutual trust, respect, reliance, and support are key to any productive relationship or partnership, while resentment, grudges and judgment are purely destructive. Grace can provide tools for clear communication and teamwork, so everyone can reach their desired goals.

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