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Grace Dale is the author of the soon to be released book, "The Heart & Soul of All Relationships", a guide to relationships of all kinds, beginning with the primary relationship with oneself. It offers practical advice, tips and insights regarding intimate relationships, love relationships, and familial relationships, as well as friendships and partnerships on all levels.

Grace Dale takes an intuitive approach to relationship coaching, and is able to quickly go to the heart of the matter so co-operation and goodwill can flourish. This is a gentle process of weeding out what is not working, and planting seeds that promote a loving and healthy relationship that can grow in a fertile garden of mutual nurturing and support. This is not about re-opening old wounds, but is about healing them at the deepest levels - once and for all - so peace can replace pain. Sometimes, these wounds can originate from beyond the present relationship, and the scars of pain and fear can dam the flow of love and trust. Grace is able to pinpoint the true source of discord, and facilitates healing at the causal level so harmony can be restored. It is never too late for love to be healed, nurtured and rekindled, as long as there is a spark of willingness within the hearts and minds of those concerned.

Grace's relationship advice can help all relationships to achieve a greater sense of satisfaction, harmony, and fulfillment in all areas. Relationship coaching will address where both parties are in the moment, what strengths both people have to offer the relationship, what relationship problems there may be and what might be causing them, as well as how these relationship problems may be resolved in a mutually satisfying way in order to improve the relationship. We will look at the probable choices and opportunities for the relationship in the future, and we will explore how both parties can achieve the greatest degree of happiness and fulfillment, and reach mutually desired goals and outcomes. Both parties are free to ask questions throughout the coaching session. 

Relationship coaching focuses on the path of the relationship, its strengths and weaknesses, and the contributions of all parties toward their ultimate destiny. We will focus on creating common goals and a united vision for the future, so that everyone can work together to create a joyful and fulfilling journey. We will uncover any blocks to love, trust and communication in order to maintain a strong foundation upon which to build the present and the future. Where there is willingness, there can be healing of pain, anger, fear, resentment, and separation. We will go to the depth of understanding so that all parties can see themselves and each other in the highest light.

For those relationships that are happy, healthy and thriving, we will focus on how both relationship partners can achieve more of what you desire, how you can both draw on your individual strengths and work together as a team to create the life you choose to live. We can address your plans for the future, and outline the steps and choices that you can take together right now that will support the manifestation of your goals and visions. A relationship coaching program can help to improve relationships and the quality of life for both parties at all stages.

For those relationships that are in conflict, Grace can provide relationship help by exploring and discovering what the underlying issues are on both sides. Through compassion and understanding, we can rescue the relationship by re-opening the lines of communication and co-operation in order to facilitate a harmonious resolution and a peaceful reconnection. Many relationship problems originate at a deep unconscious level that is difficult for both parties to accurately see. With Grace's intuitive approach, she is able to gently uncover hidden fears, wounds, or resentments that are causing pain in the relationship. If these areas of dis-harmony are allowed to fester, they will cause relationship problems that will eventually create a rift. In relationship coaching, we can transform pain and heartache back into love, peace, harmony and respect. Relationship coaching can improve relationships and facilitate peaceful resolutions of any relationship problems for those who are truly willing. Once love is created, it can never be destroyed, only transformed.

Since 1991, Grace has worked with all kinds of relationships (family members, spouses, engaged couples, business partners, etc.) at all stages of relationship problems; her first clients were a couple who were on the verge of divorce, wanting help to rescue and improve their relationship. They later phoned to say that Grace had saved their marriage, which she has done for many relationships since then. Grace believes in the power of love, and it her mission and purpose to help others experience more peace, love and joy in all their relationships.

Grace has been with her husband for 25 years, and they have worked together in partnership throughout that time, with him managing administration while Grace does her coaching, writing, speaking and teaching. Grace has been on sabbatical from her relationship coaching while she completes some writing projects, and currently has a waitlist for consultations.

It takes two to Tango

Our relationships can be our greatest gifts in life - they offer us the greatest opportunities for our growth and evolution by also offering us the greatest challenges. All relationships can benefit from a deeper sense of compassion and understanding that relationship coaching provides in order to achieve a greater sense of connection and co-operation. 

Whether for family relationships, or for love relationships between two relationship partners, relationship coaching can offer relationship advice that improves relationships, and provides help and rescue for all relationship problems.

I have come to believe that relationships are about holding hands to support and encourage one another through life's victories and challenges. We can accomplish a great deal of support, resolution, empowerment and understanding with each step of a relationship coaching program, which can improve all relationships.

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